by Milicevic and Haywoodovich

___In the 21st century, the world is fragmented into cellular spaces, establishing a network for mobile phone communication. Tapping into the structure of this global system allows for the emergence of a new paradigm in interactive gaming. Wherever cellular signals can bridge two locations, this new game is found, extending beyond the crippled video screen, and into the familiar world we traverse every day. This is a brief introduction into the concepts of how, where, and on what levels wireless, autonomous play is now possible.

___The central idea is of a game taking place on the level of cell phone communication. Not a videogame that is simply played on a cellphone, but rather a real-world game that utilizes the existing cellular communications framework as its interactive structure. Omnipresent yet normally unseen connections between cellular users become extracted and exploited by a smartly-equipped gamer. To the gamer's eyes, a cellular user is a conduit, unknowingly funneling their surroundings across the ether, into the space of those that they have called. As with the callers' own voices, this transfer is a bi-directional phenomenon. In this way, the present environs of the callers dictate something of the virtual environment presented to the player; a player approaching a Cell (engaged cellular user) receiving a call from a fast-food restaurant may witness the materialization of frightened hamburgers into their gaming space! Such objects of the wireless transfer are the game's 'monsters', targets that are now locally present, to be pursued and blasted via the gamer's own wireless weapons. An interface of smart clothing enables them to have a mobile console right on the body, checking his or her own location and status with the help of GPS.
___All of these events are invisible to the unconnected public - their presence being revealed only through the use of the wireless console. The cellular users themselves are, without a doubt, oblivious to everything they do. The visible exception occurs as more and more gamers appear, and Cells frequently find themselves encircled by an enthusiastic but insatiable gaming mob, each seeking a prime opportunity to blast anything and everything that may materialize from the public display of wireless conversation.
___Since the game parameters draw from immediate occurances in the real-world, it is guaranteed that every encounter will be unique, as the locations of Cells and their related calls change over time, and from instant to instant. It also goes without saying that the city, with its dense concentration of Cells at almost any time, becomes the preferred stage for ambitious high-speed gaming.

___What follows are examples of how these concepts will play out in practice. Although we have adopted the visual style of the video game for this presentation, it is important to remember that Cellular Gaming is a physical experience, made possible by the tight integration of cellular and GPS networks.

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